Thursday, September 22, 2011

Doggie Walk Blog Hop

Gilby's Craftster Blog Hop
Grab your leash and your favorite pet and let's all
 go on a Puppy Walk ..Wendy and her beloved companion Gilby our awesome hostess(s)
{he really a cutie I just love his face I'd love to give him a puppy kiss}
 has just gotten a her new blog makeover.. from Veronica.
 over at VKDesign Company
Her new blog is awesome and the start of this hop...
 Gilby's Craftster Blog
Now to say this blog hop has a lot of talented and
 FAMOUS celebrities on it would be an understatement
or so my mommy keeps say she doing what she calls a happy dance
{But don't tell her she look more funny than happy...}
So we  have so many talented crafters doing our doggie walk
so if you come from Paul's Blog your on the
 right doggie if you happen upon 
Princess Penelope {that's ME!} blog you should
start at the beginning since that where
 the  awesome new blog is at...
{What a cute new blog it is too.. almost as as pretty as me.. I did say almost}
So we have to create a project using
something we make over...
So I got this container that the Doggie Treats
 that was left out on the kitchen table... it was pretty easy
to convince Ringo to jump up and pull them down the platic
container for us all for us all to share...
{I was sure they where just for me they smelled so good}
This is how it looked after my mommy
got it away from us all... she wasn't as happy as we
where or full I guess...
So we cut out the center pieces...
Cut out some parts with the
punch thing my mommy likes...
Cuz she has alot of them... 
And this is what she came up with
Really Cute huh... and to think she
never come up with this if we hadn't shared
all those doggie treat with me and
Ringo, Chip and the new little BRAT
{she not really a brat she really sweet but I have to
keep up my image...}

My mommy got some new rubber stamp
in the mail and she say they perfect for
this candy holder...
they where made by my really good friend
Sophie's Mommy... Mary Cardz TV

Now my mommy say this is a slider card
and it hold a treat.. like gum..
but I don't like the treat in the box called
chewing Gum...they just get in my hair and mommy has to
get out the peanut butter which I just
want to lick but it stick to the roof of my mouth...

My mommy did help me she took over after
 we took care of cleaning out the
holder of the doggie treats...
Okay so what hop would be complete without
 some doggie treat... right well there so many
wonderful treat being offered
by our host for the winners... but being 
Princess my mommy
say I should do something nice
for you stopping by...
 So I wants to give you some special
 doggie treat forstopping by and
 doing this awesome Doggie Walk

MR. Cricut Crazy Razzel Stamp Set..

Okay for chance to win this adorable stamp set
just need to do the following...

1} Become a  Fur Fan of my blog
2} leave a comment kinda pet you have..
It's that easy...Now don't forget there a whole list 
of wonderful sponsored prizes to be had all posted
at Gilby's blog go check it out for all the rules... now
the next awesome blog on this puppy walk is
Shar Blog.. so make sure you go over and
give her some puppy love... thanks for stopping
by and checking out my project... oh and here
is ANNAbella.. told you she kinda cute...
Here I am ... can you just see how pretty
I am with the wind blowing in my hair...

So that my makeover project.. pretty cute huh!!


My Creative Time said...

OMG!!!!! EVERYTHING in your post is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!
Big HUGE gypsy hugs,

Cherie said...

How cute!! What a great idea! I have a black lab/border collie, and she is our little baby! Thanks for sharing!

cherie.goyer at

Scrappin with the bug said...

Too cute. I love the candy holder great idea. Thanks for sharing.

YOur little fur babies are too cute.

terri_ski at yahoo dot com


Such a a cute project!! i have a baby bunny(6 weeks old). Thanks for the chance to win, i am already a follower/fan!!
sierrababy08 at hotmail dot com

liz at liz's paper loft said...

this is just adorable and soooo spooktacular!

Melissa said...

Amazing as usual, tfs!

mzcherub at gmail dot com

OCCricut said...

Buddy and Maggie like the idea of doggie treats!!!

Jana said...

Princess Penelope, you crack me up. What a sweetie you are! My Llaso Tiki would love to hang out with you. She's a bit of a Diva herself, not that your a diva, no,no...your a princess!
Love hopping with you and your mommy.

Kate said...

Your puppy is so Adorable.


one4god said...

The project is cute, but the doggies are cuter... :)

Shar said...

What a cute idea! Love this!! And the puppies are too sweet. :)

Debbie said...

Adorable and SO very craft!

Brenda said...

love this treat holder! our American bulldog went to doggie heaven over a year ago and our guinnea pig went to piggie heaven in July, so we are not ready for any new 4 legged friends just yet! thanks for sharing the project!

Regina Easter said...

omg omg stinkin cute is

gnat said...

Too cute!!! I have two dogs. A Minature Schnauzer named Asia, she is 5, and a Black Lab named Tank he is 9.

Christine America Real said...

Oh this is such a cute treat holder, I'm going to try and make one. My dog is Louie. He weighs 104 pounds he is a rescued boxer/plott hound mix. He has a HUGE crush on Penelope!

Barbara B said...

Such a cute makeover project. Good thing, you ate those treats Penelope. I have two cats named Cuddles and Kit Kat. We are followers.

Barbara B.

Patti Ross said...

I LOVE coming to your blog!!! Those yorkies make me smile so big! We have 4 yorkie children. Rascal, Trixie, Biscuit and Baby Bear. Two yorkie grand-dogs Murphy and Pumpkin. There is nothing I'd rather win than a set of Mr. Cricut Crazy stamps!!!! Wooohooo, thanks for the chance to win!!!

Patti Ross

Maria said...

love your projects. cute doggie pictures

. said...

I am a new follower. Great project. Your puppies are sooo cute. I have a fur baby named Zoey!
thanks for the chance to win.
candyyoung826 at msn dot com
Come enter my giveaway!

moknowsall said...

how ingenious..... and the dog is pretty darn cute too.


Suzy said...

This is such a cute holder! love Mary's stamps! Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win. Suzy

the purple muse said...

What great recycle idea! I've been a follower of yours for awhile and lovin' it:-) Thanks for the chance to win those adorable stamps!

~Tammy S aka the purple muse

tammy dot schmitt at mac dot com

the purple muse said...

I have a 10 1/2 yo westie named Emjay.

~Tammy S aka the purple muse

tammy dot schmitt at mac dot com

Crafting Katie said...

So clever and CUTE!!!

Bunnyfreak said...

Love the slider card. I have two feather babies, Mort and Fergie.

Four11Lady said...

My 4 shih tzu's are panting after seeing your TREAT holder AND your adorable dogs! Great job!

Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...
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Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

What a cteative idea!!! absolutely love it :-)
What cute furbabies, they are adorable!!! TFS :-)

We have 3 adopted furkids. A BIG orange and white cat Roux, a tiny grey and white cat Georgia, and a German Shepherd / Chocolate lab mix Sally. We love them so much!!!

-Sam :-)
SamanthaJDesigns @

Sunshine said...

Loved your project and your sweet little babies! I have a little Yorkie Poo that is my love!

Glora said...

Super cute project and Princess Penelope you are adorable. Love that bottom picture, so cute and girly! We currently don't have any pets but I had a beautiful dog named Speedy for 16 years that I absolutely LOVED! Hugs- Glora

scrapdiva said...

great project. your dog is super cute

pruttybird said...

Awww ... super cute treat holder !! I have a goldendoodle who thinks she's a lap dog at 60 pounds. She's a bit of a wackadoodle but you gotta love her :)

pruttybird at comcast dot net

Cathie w said...

so so so cute you project and thanks for sharing your talent!!!!


Crafty and Green said...

What a great project!! We have 3 Kitties. Sunny Bunny, Ariel & Caillou! (My toddlers named all 3) Wish we could have a puppy too, but daddy can't handle the barking! So we go play with our friends' puppies!!

Many Blessings,

katieo said...

Love your project. Two cute dogs. I have a Standard Poodle and a rescued yorkie, maltese, terrier mix. At least that's what the experts say. She is my loving "Scruffie"

2LilPrincesses said...

Love your project!! and what an adorable puppy!!!


Live Love and Scrap said...

Oh my goodness...I love your Mommy's project...turned out really cute!!!

We have two doggies that we adopted from the shelter a few months ago. One big and one small....we are so happy to have them as part of our family!!!

Wendy (aka Roo) said...

Miss Penelope, Gilby & I are soo excited to have you in our Walk!!! We think your mommy did a FAB job on her projects & it was nice of you to help out!!! You are a sweet pup & Gilby & I think you are soo cute, too bad we didn't live closer, because I know Gilby would want to schedule a play date!!! Thanks again for going on the our Walk!!!
Big Puppy Hugs,
Wendy aka Roo

CA Scrapper said...

Your project is adorable!! We have a cat named Coco. She is 13 years old and we just love her. She is tiny (only 6 lbs) and still looks like a kitten. Your fur babies are so cute!


cascrapper at gmail dot com

Lady Fair said...

Cute project, even cuter puppies. My pets are Tori (Australian Kelpie), Indy (Sheltie), and Kiki (cat). I'm a follower. Thanks for being on the hop and for the chance to win those adorable stamps. lflinesatcomcastdotnet

Audrey said...

Love your makeover and what a nice gift for Halloween! Sweet dogs!

Lisa said...

What a cute cute tutorial. Your puppies are absolutely adorable, can I have them? LOL OMG, they are darling.

joni said...

What a cute idea!!! I love this!!! TFS

arcocha at yahoo dot com

Tracy said...

I love the slider card! Very cute idea! Your puppies are very cute as well!

owlbecraftin at gmail dot com

tina said...

Cute! Cute! The doggies, too!


Brenda said...

Your dogs are too cute and so is your project! All this about makeovers just want to make me makeover my craft room. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

What a great job. I had to laugh as I read along. I don't have any pets...except two they count? :)


mbchoj said...

Great imagination! Love that idea. I am a new follower and I have a sweet puppy Frankie, and in my house fish and a snake Ugh!
mbchoj at aol dot com

JaxandAsyMom said...

The candy wrapper was a great idea. I also like the play on which. Thanks for sharing.

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