Friday, September 16, 2011

Dog Gone Fun

Woof Woof everyone it's me Princess Penelope
just wanna  thank you for stopping by and seeing
what all the Barking is about....
Today I am in a blog hop for DOGs... I so
excited I could just pee myself... that okay my
 mommy will clean that up...
Okay so back to this blog hop...This hop is
to remind everyone to RESCUE a dog...
So even if I not so over the moon about a new
puppy getting all the attention ...her my mommy
newest rescue... took them awhile to name
her but they finally picked AnnaBella... Bella for short..
She wear a bell so we don't step on her...
So enough about Bella this is a blog
about me I am the only Princess in this house...
If you just put on your lease and walk
 from Scrappin Sista Blog
 your on the right doggie path if you just wanted to see me..
the little princess you want to start at the
beginning Haidee Blog

This blog hop is gonna be alot of DOG Gone FUN...
So I was sniffing around and found this
card in my mommy stash and with
some Princess Penelope touches I think
it perfect for this hop....
Paper used some cute paper with puppy paws
its a stack of puppy paper
my mommy keep around just for me...
Don't you just love the hearts and paw prints...

Okay this adorable face is from those
rubber chew toys I love so I see
why my mommy loves them too...
They just make my tail wag... and I jump for joy
too now went they come in the mail...
{I still bark at the UPS man went he brings them}
I show him what BROWN can do for you...
You can get your own rubber chew toys over
Okay here another set of stamp create just for me..
{wait my mommy saying they are for all doggie lovers..}
Mr. Cricut Crazy is just the sweeties young
man and he has so many yammin puppies...
This sentiment is from the Man's Best Friend Vol..1
Now my mommy.. The Queen helped
me tye this bow.. see I have no thumbs so I can't
do everything myself...
So that my card  I hope you all like it
and my mommy says I have to give you a
doggie treat for stopping by and following me...
So I gonna give away some of those wonderful
chew toys I keep sniffin around here....

So here what you have to do to for a chance to win..

1} Become a Fur Fan of my page
2} Leave a comment telling what your fur babies name is..
{and yes CATs ount too}

Now your next stop is Sher Blog is the one
with the cute puppies
Cookie, Smooch, Lola and Gizmo...



smyiow said...

OMG! That is so cute! The paw with the face is adorable! I have two fur babies a cat and a dog.

The doggy is Elle or smelly Elle as we lovingly refer to her!

The kitty is Dylan or Fat Cat because he weighs about 25 lbs. He is not very nice either, but we love him anyways!

Dawn said...

Hi Annabella! My mommy said that I should write something to you. You are a very cute little puppy, but I am 4 years old and I am a minature poodle. My name is Winnie. My mommy likes your mommy's blog and a chance to win those neato stamps. Nice to meet you. Bye Bye

Sandy jones said...

Hi Princess.

My mommy said im alound to tell you my name she does let me talk to ppl i don't know, but being the Princess of my home she said its ok, my mommy's name is sandy my daddy is chris,,iv got a boyfriend and his name is Ben he's ok but some times he make's his butt smell, there's also a small smelly thing they can Tiny (its one of them cat things) she's ok as long as she leaves me alone,
And then there's me i'm Jess or Lady jess as my mommy some times call's me :)
And im sure you are going to be a fab big sister to little bella,
stay safe xxx

Ellen ♥ CardMonkey said...

Hello, AnnaBella! Could you please come over to our house one day to play? Tell your Queen Mum that her card is very cute, and my Mom (who loves dogs as much as monkeys) would like to win the cute stampy thingies.

Sadie And Morgan - sent by their Mommy...


Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

callyannc said...

Your puppy is so sweet! I love your card! The paw with the face is genius! Too cute! I already follow! TFS CallyAnn
No pet now but I grew up with a pet named Amber and I adored her!

LadybugCarrie said...

What a super cute card! I just love the paper and the cute face! I have two mutts that I rescued - Nellie and Cadie. They are my furbabies! I am already a follower!

Patti Ross said...

Bella is sooooooooo adorable!!!! We currently have 4 yorkies: Rascal, 6 - Trixie, 4 - Biscuit, 10 months and Baby Bear, 8 months. Our 17 year old rescue yorky, Kodi, passed away last month. My son has two rescue yorkies - Murphy, (the devil dog) and Pumpkin.

I love your card and would soooooo love to win this stamp set! Thanks for the opportunity to try!!!

Hugs to Bella!!!

Patti Ross

Karenduch said...

Such cute projects with dogs! I prefer cats (sorry!) and have subscribed to your posts! My kitties names are
Sunny and Angel.
You can visit my blog at

Gloria Westerman said...

Hi my name is Coco and my mommy is typing this b/c I don't have thumbs either....but I love this card...maybe my mommy will make one for me....I gotta a friend next door that needs some loving....his pa said he had to stay outside for awhile....b/c somebody was coming to stay for a little while...I think they took his bed....don't know for sure....but he's still upset over it....tfs

Cathie w said...

awwww so cute this hop
thanks for sharing


Lisa R. said...

Fantastic dog gone great card! Love the LO and the paw! My furry friend's name is Gizmo. He's a Cairn terrier/Bichon mix. TFS joy4umetoo at hotmail dot com (follower)

Boots And Bling Time said...

Princess, I just love the job you did on your card even though your Mommy had to help you. I am so happy to hear that you have a baby sister to play and fight with! You are the only Princess in the house of course! I have four kids...OJ, Calhoun, Bandit and MaeBelle...they hog the bed at night! They love their chew toys too!

Cherie said...

How precious!! My pup is Lucie. We both love the card! Thanks for sharing!!

cherie.goyer at

Lisa said...

What a cute card - not a cute as that puppy of yours but very cute! We have what feels like a furry zoo around here some days! Morgan - a german short hair/ chocolate lab mix, Lilly- an orange tabby cat and our newest addition a rescue pup that is pretty much a mutt but from what we can tell he is part german shepard and part coon hound. while they drive me crazy some days i still could picture my life without each of them!!!

Have a scrap- happy day,
Lisa G

Christine America Real said...

This card is adorable! My dog is named Louie and he has a HUGE crush on Penelope! He made me put her on the side-bar up top of our blog instead of on the bottom where the rest of our friends go.

Judy said...

Dear Princess Penelope, you did a beautiful job! You be sure to give Belle lots of doggie love:-) The pets in my life are Gracie, Tyson, Lulu, Molly, and the one cat, Tiko (the boss of all).
I follow you...'

Reel Girl said...

I share my home with:

Henry (German Shorthair Pointer)
Cal (Black Lab)
Peetie (Pit Mix)
Copper (Pit Mix)
Elephant (Gray Tabby Cat)
and Sheldon the Wonder Turtle


Anniebee said...

Hi, Princess Penelope! I'm having fun seeing all the neat projects created in honor of you and all of your crafty fur friends today! This card is almost as cute as you are... I said ALMOST! I'm so glad that Haidee is hosting this hop for such a wonderful cause. My furbabies are Chet and Derek (rescued Greyhounds) and Darnel and Munchkin (rescue cats). They are all neutered males and they all get along famously. I just lost one of my rescue kitties on 9/11 and I am still a little sad about that but I know he is running free over the rainbow bridge now and has his good health back. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win some new crafting goodies.

anniebeescraftroom at gmail dot com

Krista's Paper Cafe said...

Hi Queen and Princess
You are so cute and a fun card.
My fur friends are two cats--William and Cloudy.

Patti B said...

My fur baby is Shadow. She is about 7 years old and a true friend.

Cute card. Love the face on the paw print.


Vicki said...

That card is too cute! I love the face in the middle of the pad..:)

Furbabies are Amy, Tank and Rocky
Furkitties are Bret Michaels and Sophie

v said...

We rescued our Pug:) I love the little face on the puppy paw! Too cute!

~Vanessa W

shersl84bed said...

Fun project. Love your blog page. I'm a follower. Your new addition to your family is adorable.
Our furbabies are Cookie, Gizmo,Smooch and Lola.
Glad to be in the hop with you.

Smiles Sher

Jens Craft Corner said...

Well, Hello Princess Penelope! Aren't you just adorable! I can see how your mommy is just head-over-heels in love with you. You are just so cute! I love the card you made. You are cute and creative too! What a good puppy you are. I wish I could tell you the name of our puppy, but we don't have one yet. We hope to adopt one from our local shelter soon. I am so glad to have met you today. Have a good weekend!

Jens Craft Corner said...

I love the new addition to your family! Bella is just adorable too!

Dee said...

Hi, I just want to let you know that I love your project. TFS and hugs, Dee:)

Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

What a CUTE little furbaby :-) LOVE your card! -Sam :-)

mjblahnik56 said...

Love this card my fur baby is a handsome tuxedo cat named Mr Whizzle after all he is formally attired hence the formal name. TFS

Monica said...

wow.. cute dog!!
lovely card!

Our puppy was Simon. a pug.

Alisha said...

Your baby is so cute. I love the card. i have 4 babies, 2 dogs and 2 cats and they are all rescued one way or another. Lost and found, give away, no other choice. Well our home is always open. And i wouldn't trade any of them. They are all the best.

Haidee said...

super adorable! Thank for a beautiful story & making this hop successful :) Finally, enjoying this hop.

Josie0602 said...

I love the blog post!! And Bella is so adorable! We currently only have my son's two furbabies living with us but they are so doggone cute! The little Bichon is Jonny Cash (rescue doggie already named when my son's fiance got him) and his silly white boxer is Kyera. She is such a character!

McVic said...

HI my yorkies names are Bounce and Bella, my cats name is Tank- he is 3x bigger than Bounce!

scrappingmamma said...

Such a cute little fur baby. Oh wowsers! That card is " Dog gone cute " How creative.. Thank-you for sharing your love of dogs :-)
Scrappingmamma ~

Charlotte said...

Oh my, Annabella is just a sweet name and perfect for that adorable liitle girl.. I love the nickname Bella. she is such a lucky girl. The card is wonderful with such a cute sentiment. I love the hearts with paw!!
I have three fur babies. Jack, Magmolia, and Ruby. Ruby is my little rescue baby.

Judy said...

Hi, I am back for day 2 and I REALLY, really hope you will go visit my blog and read about what happened to us within an hour of finishing your hop yesterday:-)

Scrappin' Sista said...

Great card. I really love the face. I don't have any fur babies at this time. I want one soon though. TFS and scrappy hugs!


Peggie said...

Such a cute card and love the saying. I have a cat who was a rescue cat and a dog that my daughter could not keep in her apartment so he's kinda rescued as well. Love to win this stamp set. Peggie

Ladybug said...

What a sweet li'l card. My furbaby Yorkie, (Bailey), is snoozing right now beside me but I'm sure he'd say he likes the card, too. More importantly, he loves li'l Princess Penelope and would love to give her a big smooch.

Thanks for a chance to win this awesome stamp set.

AmyJRockstar said...

How cute is that card? And the puppers. :0) I have Oso, Lexi and Bella. Oso and Lexi are big ol pit bulls and Bella is a little bitty Min Pin. :0) Thanks for the chance to win! I'm a follower/fan.

Be sure to stop by my blog to enter my 500 followers giveaway!

XO ~ Amy Jo (follower)
amyjrockstar at gmail dot com

one4god said...

Cutest card ever. I love the pawprint paper! My furbaby's name is Allie Piper, and we love her a lot. We're silly about how much we love her!

rnwendy said...

What a cute card! You did a great job!

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