Saturday, October 8, 2011

Krafty Keekerz Blog~A~Versary Hop

Okay so my mom The Queen say we gonna be in
a hop for her good friend Courtney... I'm like ok Courtney's nice and
I do like nice people... but then look what this is
a CAT hop... this is like twice this week my mom
put a CAT on my blog... I don't know how much more
she expect me to take... fur is everywhere and the talk all this week
has been about Cat this and Cat that... UGH...
I run away but then who be the princess in the family...
I know Annabella just waiting for me to give up my crown... not happening..
So back to this hop.. My Mom gonna type it she can see
 I putting my paw down on the cat issue...

So if you come from my Mom's blog
The Scrapbooking Queen your on the right path...if  you
come to visit me Princess Penelope you might want
to start at the beginning...Courtney's Blog 
she the nice lady even if she owns a CAT...
So here is a quick and easy project
just take any candy box...
we used good & plenty.. they taste
nasty.. but my mom love them... 
We used that machine that make noise
but my mom love it for what it creates out of paper
just darn paper mess if you ask me...Annabella
seem to like it she alway draggin the scraps all over the place..
Used MS Lace Punch to create
belly band for our treat holder... 
Now this slider treat holder is perfect
to give to your favorite kid or someone special in your life..
or I say just do it with doggie treats
they make any 4 legged friend happy... just saying

Now your next stop on this Blog~Aversary hop is

So my mom say it proper to give you a doggie treat
for stopping by so I dug up some of my mom's
rubber treat she like so much...
they are pretty tastie but my mom
say people like to use them to create cute cards..
something about them being
peachy keen goodness
So if you want a chance to win this wonderful chew toys
here  what you gotta do..

1}become furry follower of Princess Penelope blog
2}leave a comment below telling me what a good puppy I am..


Bunnyfreak said...

You are a very good puppy; humans look chocolate. especially with pretty wrapping.

Vicky said...

soo cute, love this cute project great idea

Mallika said...

such a cute project !

Courtney said...

So sorry Penelope!!! Thanks so much for holding your pride and participating in my Kitty Cat hop :) I do love puppies too :) Especially cuties like you!!!

Luanne said...

{hahaha} this blog is fun! you're very honest good puppy. Enjoyed reading! and great project for this Courtney's hop. Glad to hop!


Mallika said...

wow .. i love this
so adorable ..
this hop is fun ..
plz drop by my blog too

Holly said...

Love this! Penelope is amazing at crafting and blogging!


hollyshobbie at gmail dot com

smyiow said...

I love Hello Kitty! You did a great job Princess Penelope! All good puppies listen to their moms. I am very proud of you!!

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

hehehe! Love this projects, and I always love your posts! Thanks so much for your puppy creativity!
summer_sunset54 at hotmail dot com

Michele Spera said...

Love!!!! This hello kitty wrap:-)

Jamie said...

Aww how sweet is this project :)
crazycraftylife at live dot com

katieo said...

Princess Penelope this is a very cute card, especially since it has one of those kitties on it. I hope your mom makes you lots of doggy posts and gives you lots of treats for putting up with all of those felines I am a follower

Alisha said...

Loving your hello kitty card and would love some dog treats.

Christine said...

Very cute Hello Kitty treat cover.
I am a new follower.

Adrian said...

So loving the dog talk! Adorable project!

SueNJ said...

LOL, you are a good puppy for having your Mom work with kitties :) I agree that there should be a doggie treat box now. Thanks for sharing it.

Happy Scrappin'

Sue B
suenj99 at yahoo dot com

Jamie said...

WOW Ms. Theresa. Love this kitty. The doggie faces sure are cute though. :)

Babe O'Mara said...

You are a good doggie for being in a kitty hop. Love the treat holder. Cute. I'm a new follower.


McVic said...

Already a follower!!! Super cute LIttle Kitty!! Im a Yorkie fan myself- I dont get the cat thing at all! But we have one too- he is a 20lb boy named Tank!

Theresa said...

Well you may be getting sick of cats but this projects is one of my favs!!! I love hello Kitty and this is adorable!

Josie0602 said...

What a good puppy for making a kitty project which is so adorable by the way! They should have a Hello Doggie line too dont ya think?

My Lil' Bits said...

Cute project!! Funny post!


Linda said...

Great job, Princess Penelope!! I'm glad that you could be so kind as to let some cats onto your page! ;)
Linda :)

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