Friday, July 6, 2012

Guest Designer Paper ala Mode...

Ok, I've had this picture as the desktop on my laptop forever and I just love it. Before this picture was taken Hank (my older papillon, the black and white one on the left) HATED Baxter (the puppy on the right). He would avoid him at all costs, and when they did interact, Hank was MEAN to Baxter. But this day was a turning point. I walked in to find them cuddling!!! And they've been best friends ever since! So to mark this momentous occasion I made a scrapbook page!

I used The Scrapbooking Queen's stamp set "Royal Friends". It fits perfectly with my page and my pups! Oh and if you want to see more cute pups, you should go check out my
 Paper ala mode Blog too, you won't be disappointed!!

I'm going to throw in some extra cuteness for ya. This was on Christmas eve last year. I didn't move my arm for a good half an hour because this little guy was passed out! I didn't have the heart to move him!! Look at that little face!

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