Thursday, June 21, 2012

Princess Penelope Design Team Call

Hello Everyone it's me Princess Penelope...
My mom say I have to blog some more so that 

you all don't forget about me...
So my life of laying around being pampered are over...
So I putting together a Puppy Call.. for some 4 Designer's!
 {ugh! Mom telling me I have to include CAT's too}
So if you have a Fur~Baby you just love and want to be 
a part of the Princess Penelope Designer just
 add your link at the bottom...
I be sniffing everyone of them for some puppy pals who
want to play with me... So get you tail a waggin' and start a scrappin'

Some Rules to follow: 
1}Grab my Blinkie and put in on your blog side bar
2}create a project showing off your Fur~Baby
3}Follow Princess Penelope Blog

Princess Penelope
Now that should be too hard to do... now I know why should 
you do this for me?I could say because the Princess...
 but my mum (The Queen) has some
fun Puppy Related things planned for us all...



Mandee Gillen said...

I am on it! My name is Kylo and I am 9 years old. I am a black pug! I have three sisters and one brother. My oldest sister is Janee, my second sister is Autymm my third sister is Daisy she is a weimeriner, and my little brother Rufus he is only 1 1/2 and is an English Mastiff! I will tell my mom to help me post something on her blog!

angel4ever said...

I want to play!

My name is Tallulah and I'm a 2 year old Yorkie. My mommy thinks I'm weird because I go gaga when she cooks bacon because I love it so much!!! Also, I'm a lot bigger than my sisters and brothers who live about an hour drive away from me. But I don't know why...maybe it's the bacon! I also have a step brother and step sister who are both cats! My mommy gives me mean looks when I try to play with them. I only want to play but she thinks I want to scare them around the house...maybe...:) I'm going to have mommy put something on her blog about me very soon! Woof!

Vicky said...

Hello Princess Penelope we would love to apply for your design team we are yorkies and we are sisters our names are Isabelle and Gabby. My mom loves to make scrap layouts of us. We will tell her to post something on the blog

Sherri said...

Hey Penelope - my name is Taser and me my brother Dax would like to work with you. Actually, Dax doesn't really like the idea cause he's lazy but I talked him into it cause he'll do whatever I say, it's amazing how far you can get with a little growl :) We are 4 1/2 year old full brothers and my mommy says we are really BIG, so I hope we don't scare you away - we weigh a lot but we're not mean. Our mommy is traveling as usual now, she's at something called "chaw", she's been talking about it for months, when she gets back we'll get her to put something up for us so you can meet us, you're gonna LOVE us!!

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