Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Are Dog Really Color Blind..

So my mom The Scrapbooking Queen has these new
chew sticks or at least that what I call them ...
 she didn't like me chewing on them
so she moved them up outta my reach...
 or so she thought...  they just look like stick to me and
she been giving them alot of attention lately so
I guess I was not feeling so Princess like... I decided to do
some creating of my own... after all this blog page is about me right..
so here is my creation... doesn't he look so sweet
I want his bone it looks yummy...
This card I used a Crissy Armstrong image
she one of the artist that design and sale
her images at Whimsy Stamp Store

The Stamp Sentiment is from

Here a close up of the awesome
coloring my mom gets with
those chew sticks she calls
PrismaColor Pencils....

I think for a Princess this came out pretty
cute and must be nice because my mom
"The Queen" say it's really  bright ... or
is it me that she keep calling Bright...

now  back to my question are dogs
color blind... the answer is yes we see only shade
of black, greys and shadows of color ...even a color blind
puppy can see that this card turned out super adorable...
hope you like it as much as I enjoyed create it for you

oh gotta run my mom just found another one of her
color sticks chewed on... I gonna blame it on my brother Ringo he
always looks guilty anyways... 


Ladybug said...

OMG, if this isn't just the cutest blog ever!! My name is Bailey and I would absolutely LOVE to play w/ you!! (my momma is letting me write this to you, li'l Princess. Well, actually, she's writin' it and I'm dictating it.) :-)

If you scurry over to my momma's blog, you can see how handsome/cute I am. :-)

'Til we meet again! :-)

Here's momma's blog:-

Shawnee said...

Super cute. I love the bright colors. TFS!

Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, this card is fabulous. I just love those colors and the image is so cute.

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